NCPass Issues Over 200,000 Signals: North Carolina - January 2010

International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD) is pleased to announce the successful issuance of over 200,000 signals by the North Carolina NCPass System with 80% of the signals being  green lights to bypass the weigh station.  IRD supplied the NCPass System to the North Carolina Department of Transportation to reduce congestion in weigh stations, monitor truck safety compliance and decrease green house emissions.   The system has been fully functional and successfully operating since 2007. The North Carolina Highway Patrol has reported that “they are pleased to offer this program to motor carriers as an advocate of highway safety and look forward to continued growth of the program”.

NCPass is a weigh station pre-clearance program that allows participants the opportunity to bypass fixed weigh stations across the state of North Carolina. Under this voluntary program, companies pay an annual fee and place electronic identification transponders in their vehicles for in-cab notification if the drivers are able to bypass. The enrollment of the carriers and the collection of fees is the responsibility of IRD, while the North Carolina State Highway Patrol verifies and authorizes their participation.  IRD has developed a website which simplifies the enrollment process for all carriers.

Unifi , Inc. of North Carolina is one of the carriers participating in NCPass. As part of their corporate sustainability commitment Unifi is continually looking for ways to help reduce their environmental footprint. NCPass is a solution which helps them to reduce idling time at weigh stations, further decreasing  greenhouse gas emissions.

 Mr. Terry Bergan, President and CEO of IRD notes, “This contract is an example of how we have extended our market presence through innovative partnerships with our customers. We are very pleased with the progress of the program and look forward to continued growth. The success of the program is seen in the high percentage of bypasses, each bypass is considered significant as they cumulatively result in fuel savings and emission reductions helping to protect our environment”.

For more information about IRD’s NCPass System including enrollment information visit or contact Eric Hooks at tel: (336)214-2076 or email: IRD’s complete line of products and systems can be found at