How does NCPassTM work? 

NCPassTM works like other Transponder Bypass Programs. It gives you the opportunity to bypass fixed weigh stations across the state using a transponder, saving time, money, and fuel for drivers. The NCPassTM program is provided by the state, and administered by International Road Dynamics.

For more information, see our Program page.          
Or see the NCDOTís page about us.

Who is eligible for the program?

Qualifications are based on FMCSA ratings. A carrier will typically qualify unless they have a Conditional or Unsatisfactory rating. Weight station bypass rates are determined using information from SAFER, and typically range from (50%-90%). The NC State Highway Patrol reviews all enrollments and makes final approval decisions.

Where does NCPassTM work?

NCPassTM transponders currently work in 8 different weigh stations across the state of North Carolina. See our Service Area Map for a detailed view.

How much does the program cost?

There are a few different options for the NCPassTM program, which each have different prices. We can offer discounts based on the number of years you enroll, the number of trucks you enroll, and whether you already have a compatible transponder. (Please note that transponders cannot be used in multiple vehicles without notification to IRD or your sales representative. )

Option 1: $70 per year, per truck-This option covers the rental of a transponder and the annual system access fee.

Option 2: $40(one-time) + $56 per year, per truck- This option covers the purchase of a transponder and the annual system access fee.

Option 3: $56 per year, per truck-This option only covers the system access fee, and is reserved for customers with a compatible transponder (through NORPASS or BESTPASS).

More detailed information about each of these options can be found on the Service Agreement forms found here:  Forms

What if I already have a transponder?

If you have a transponder through BESTPASS or NORPASS, we can enroll you in the NCPassTM program using your same transponder.  For more information about this, as well as a limited time discounted enrollment offer, see our promotion page.

PrePass will enroll any compatible transponder (such as the NCPassTM transponder) in the PrePass program, but at this time we cannot enroll PrePass transponders in the North Carolina program. Feel free to call the PrePass service center at 1-800-PrePass for more information.

How do I enroll?

Our enrollment forms, including instructions, can be found here: Forms
or you can contact our Sales Manager, Eric Hooks, for more information on how to enroll. Generally, once we receive all of the necessary enrollment information and you receive a transponder, you can begin bypassing the weigh stations within a few days.

Eric Hooks
Office: 336-261-5764
Cell: 336-214-2076