Enrollment requires a signed service agreement, payment of annual fees, submission of carrier and vehicle information including photos of the trucks enrolled. North Carolina uses these photos for identification purposes which can save drivers time if they are required to enter a weigh station.  There are multiple options for enrollment including lease or purchase of a NCPass transponder and use of a NORPASS or BESTPASS pre-clearance transponder.

Bypass rates range from 35-90% and are determined by a carrier’s past performance at roadside inspections (Safestat scores) and good weight compliance history. Typically a carrier that has  a history of good inspections and a “Satisfactory” rating issued by FMCSA will qualify for a favorable bypass rate. These rates are determined by formulas developed by North Carolina State Highway Patrol and are subject to review on a regular basis.

Please go to the "Forms" tab and under Enrollment, download the forms in PDF format.  For further information or assistance with the forms, please contact Eric Hooks.